Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Shopping Envy

So, we have yet ANOTHER reason to envy our American friends - not only do they get cheap cosmetics and awesome clothing stores, now they get amazing Target collaborations with high end designers. Last year saw a collaboration with Liberty of London... this year - Missoni! Check out this gorgeousness:

Sourse: inStyle
So so so jealous! A Missoni for Target collaboration would be the only way I'd ever be able to own anything remotely resembling a Missoni product. Its one of my most lusted after high end designer "wants". Love the bold use of colour, print and stripes... and chevron stripes - my fave!

C xo

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Not Pants

Ok, ready for my fashion gripe of the day? Leggings are not pants people, NOT pants. Uggh. I dislike this 'look' immensely. A number of girls at my local shopping haunt can often be seen sporting this look, and no, not in a sporty/gym sense which is totally fine. They wear them like they would wear jeans. Oh, and don't even get me started on jeggings... Leggings are not pants, they are designed to wear underneath things, i.e. tunics, shift dresses, long t-shirts.

This is how I would style leggings for work wear and for casual:

Is everyone else super excited about Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby news?!! I can't wait to see her pregnancy fashion sense and how she transitions into motherhood. I love a good pregnancy announcement, especially in the celeb world.

C xo

Monday, 29 August 2011

Lip Service: Cotton Candy

I love lip gloss, lip balm, lip stick. I have too many of the aforementioned items than necessary. You will never find me without one of these three items within arms reach. So, of course, I decided it appropriate to start a regular lip product post where I discuss my favourites.

I bought a tube of Cotton Candy LipSmacker last week... It reminds me of Grade 8 and swooning after hot surfer boys in Grade 12.

It smells so sweet, goes on smoothly, and leaves my lips so soft and mositurised for hours on end!

C xo

Friday, 26 August 2011

Fashion Friday: Stripes

Having a day at home, doing some tidying before I special guest arrives tonight! None other than Miss L's lovely Godmother, A.

Dress: Old Navy
Cardi: Cue
Nail Polish: OPI

Can't wait for the weekend! A trip to the market is in order, and a birthday pot luck dinner for A. Hope you have a lovely weekend too.

C xo

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Keep Calm

Two posts in one day! I know! Crazy. But loved this so much, I had to share...

Dreaming of: a white country style kitchen

I am currently dreaming of a new kitchen... white cupboards, timber accents, island bench, glass cabinets to show off my pretty glassware.

C xo

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Things I Love: Risotto

I love a good risotto... The constant stirring is quite soothing to the soul. Sometimes I get lazy and do the risotto in the oven. While still tasty, it doesn't have that gooey creaminess that a stove top stirred risotto has.

C xo

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wear Now Wear Later: Summer Dress

On this dreary old rainy day in Brisbane, all I can think is 'hurry up summer!!!'. I desperately want the warmer weather to arrive as I have so many lovely summery dresses and skirts just sitting in my cupboard begging me to wear them... So I thought, why not wear my summery dresses now and just 'winterize' them? That way I'm getting maximum use of my wardrobe.

So here is an example of how I'd style up a summery dress to wear now, and then wear later.

C xo
Wear Now Wear Later: Summer Dress

Monday, 22 August 2011

I heart you MBFF

So, I channeled my inner Anna Wintour and attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane at Southbank on Saturday. It has become an annual event for my friend K and I. Last year we were fortunate enough to attend three live fashion parades, however this year we were less organised and could only get tickets to one show on Saturday night.


Firstly, our outfits. I decided to wear a dress and jacket that I bought in NY last year. The dress has 3/4 sleeves and a blue and black pattern. The jacket is navy blue and a princess style cut with an a-line skirt. I wore vintage navy blue suede heels that I bought at the Vintage Fashion Fair earlier this year. Refer to photos below (I forgot to take photos on the night so had to take some photos on Sunday morning - note Miss L lounging on our bed in the background!!!). My fashion partner in crime, K, was chic in black in a gorgeous black a-line dress she also bought overseas (in London if I'm correct), hot Nine West heels from NY and gorgeous vintage black accessories with gold accents (sorry, I didn't get a photo of K's outfit - I know, I know, but I'm still in the early phases of this blog stuff!).

Well, MBFF didn't disappoint. We managed to score front row seats right next to where the models walk out. We could see the beautiful detailing on all of the clothes, but also the spray tan smears and dodgy workmanship of added metal detailing on the models shoes that kept falling off and causing runway hazards (luckily there were no casualties). We were offered San Pellegrino drinks by European accented men whilst waiting for the show to start. We sipped our drinks and sussed out the fashion choices of our fellow Brisbane-ites, and marvelled over the raised and lit up runway (an improvement on last years black carpet runway). 

Dogstar's military punk and asymmetrical tailoring kicked off the show. We also saw Neon Heartache's cut out dresses in dark tones, flowy dresses from Talulah, Chasing Bow boutiques jumpsuits and dresses in abstract prints, and lastly Justine Davis' summer leather (yeah, we were a bit unsure about this too), flowy neon pleated maxi skirts, and crazy wonder woman style cuffs.  You can view photos of the designers runway shows here

And in a heartbeat, it was all over. Our glimpse into the glitz and glamour of fashion week in Brisbane was over for 2011... so off to the bar we went for one last champagne, a goss and some model spotting before going home.

Its great to see Brisbane keeping up with the fashionable times, holding a 'world class' event and showcasing some great Aussie (and Brisbane based) designers. I heart you MBFF. Until next year...

C xo

Friday, 19 August 2011

Fashion Friday: Lace and Petals

Another casual Friday - taking Miss L to the Mater for her check up and running a few errands. I am wearing a flower brooch and loving it. Although, so does Miss L as she has been constantly trying to grab it and shove it in her mouth all day.

Top: Forever New
Cardi: Witchery
Jeans: Sass & Bide
Flower Brooch: Cosmetics Plus
Shoes: Not sure. Have had them for ages!

Meanwhile, I have a fashion dilemma going on... I am attending the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival at Southbank tomorrow night. Have a few options planned. Might need to try a few outfits on and do a fashion show for Mr B to help me decide. I might even do a Fashion Saturday post for you!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

C xo

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dressing Your Age

Ok, so I know I'm not old or anything, but turning a year older this year meant leaving one decade of youthful exuberance behind and entering a new decade of, well, grown-upness (yes, I just did make up a word).

Gone are the carefree days of eating a second helping of chocolate cake without having the thought 'Will this go straight to my thighs?'... Now i'm in my 30's, I must be more responsible with my choices, and lately I have been thinking that this should also include my choice of clothing. It only dawned on me this week (6 months into my year of 30) that I may actually need to think about my style in a different light now. I'm 30! No longer 20-something. Can I wear a skirt that has a bow on it? Can I wear a pair of skinny jeans? Can I still wear a headband? These are all serious questions people.

For inspiration I looked no further than Gwyneth Paltrow... she's a busy 30-something mum of two, and has easy, effortless style that is easy to replicate. Skinny jeans, boyfriend blazers, simple, loose t-shirts, stunning dresses for night time glam... She dresses well for her age and looks trendy at the same time!

Google images

Google images

So, how do I dress for my age? I figure that if I keep it simple, use Gwyneth for inspiration, and don't shop at {insert teeny booper/loud music playing/ neon coloured clothing shop here} I should be fine. And as for the skirt with a bow, skinny jeans, and headband - I might sill give them a go.

C xo

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Things I Love: Pure Soy Candles

I love candles. They create such a beautiful ambiance in a room. I always try to have a candle burning when I have guests over for dinner because it always makes my home feel special. Lately I have been burning candles at night 'just because'. Why leave them only for special occasions?

I recently discovered these pure soy candles by Lemon Canary at a small boutique near my house. Lemon Canary is based on the Gold Coast and is owned by a lady called Jasmin. She likes to use soy wax and pure cotton wicks so as to reduce the toxic product consumption. Soy is a pure, clean and sustainable wax, so not only will you have a pretty candle, but you'll also be helping the environment! She also likes to use vintage jars that she has found, another tick for sustainability!

They come in the most gorgeous of scents (with cute names to boot!), including: Hummingbird (Italian Lemon, Shortbread & Citrus); Dove (Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate & Cinnamon Dust), Toucan (Coconut & Citrus), and Fairy-Wren (Peach, Nectarine and Orange Cream) just to name a few.

Prices range from $14 AUD for the small travel tins up to $105 AUD for a massive 1L candle.

You can learn all about her candles here and you can buy her candles from her etsy shop here

C xo

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Flower Power

Spring is fast approaching and I've been thinking of ways to freshen up my outfits on a budget. My inspiration comes from the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. She was famous for wearing flower pins/brooches in Sex and the City, and they added a cute/quirky edge to her basic outfits.

I remember wearing floral brooches in the 90's... Tres chic! I think its time they made a comeback. One of my good friends (Miss L's Godmother) recently wore one to the baptism. I'm telling you, floral brooches are going to be huge! Get on board people.

Its a public holiday in Brisbane tomorrow for the Ekka (Exhibition for you non-Queenslanders). I'm having a glass of wine to celebrate! I can't wait to take Miss L to the Ekka when she's old enough. Finally, an excuse to go!

C xo

Monday, 15 August 2011

Timeless dresses

I've always been a sucker for a dress. They are pretty, girly and easy to wear (hello, instant outfit!). I am especially a sucker for the 50's style dress, you know the ones, fitted bodice, waist defining, A-line skirt... So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these dresses from Timeless by Vannessa Tong on the weekend whilst shopping in the city at Igedo.

via love love clothing 

They are perfection in a dress! Affordable (at $69.95 a pop) and stylish. They come in so many beautiful prints and colours, I couldn't walk out with only one. I picked up a vibrant floral print in blue and pink on a black background, and a more demure pink rose print on a white background (I'm sure these will make an appearance in a Fashion Friday post!).

I've never heard of this designer, so of course, I Googled her... I couldn't find much on her, if anything, but I did find the following mission statement for the brand which I think sums it up quite nicely:
Timeless by Vannessa Tong is a label created with an emphasis on a fashion style dedicated for today's real Women. The stylist is conscious of the need for comfort and affordability as well as the need to keep a look that is of today, in an era of fast paced life. The Timeless Lady looks the part at every turn of her life

I can definitely see myself purchasing more of these dresses in the future. They are so comfortable to wear, and I felt as if these dresses had always been in my wardrobe. I have already received so many compliments whilst wearing them. Even Mr B approved!

Hope you all had a good Monday. Did you wear red for Daniel Morcombe? I did. My heart goes out to his family. I only hope they can find Daniel's remains so they can finally lay him to rest and say a proper goodbye.

Also, a special shout out to a special person for her significant birthday today! Hope you had a good one love.

C xo

Friday, 12 August 2011

Fashion Friday: Casual

I felt a little under pressure this morning whilst getting dressed for my first 'Fashion Friday' post... But I decided not to go over board, and just to keep it real.

Jeans: Sass & Bide
Top: Forever New
Cardi: Saba
Belt: Cheap shop?
Shoes: Country Road

What have you got planned for the weekend? We have a visitor coming to stay with us, and we plan on doing  a spot of shopping!

C xo

Thursday, 11 August 2011

What's In A Name?

Now, most people who know me well, know that I despise being called 'Cathy'. Just Cath is fine thanks. Or even Catherine if you insist. Don't ask me why, but I just don't like that little 'y' added on. However, when trying to think of a name for my blog, I kept coming back to 'Cathy Two Shoes'. It just had a nice ring to it! One of my good friends called me that years ago... and I think it sums me up nicely. I've always been a bit of a goody two shoes, and I love shoes - its as simple as that! So that little extra 'y' is purely for bloggy name goodness, and nothing else!

Ok, so are you ready for a gratuitous shoe post? I am!

I'm really loving the ladylike look these days... Probably because I get around in ballet flats and slippers pretty much every day! I am loving these gorgeous Louboutins with their sweet white bows...

But because I don't have thousands of dollars to spend frivolously on heels, here is a more affordable version from Wittner at $149.95:

I think I could totally justify this purchase to Mr B. Think of the savings! C xo

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I'm a Joiner

In this modern age of social media, I've always been interested in having my own blog, but always too scared to start one. Scared I'll be too boring, scared I'll just become another of the already millions of bloggers out there, and what would I talk about for goodness sake? But being a stay at home Mum can at times be tedious and repetitive, and I feel like I am losing myself  and slipping away from the things that I loved and had interest in before Little Miss L came along 6 months ago.

So, I thought, I'm going to be joiner. Sign me up! Blogger world, here I come.

The aim for this blog is to put a spotlight on all of the things that I love and to reignite my creativity before it gets buried under piles of nappies and teething rings! I've always had a passion for fashion (including an unhealthy obsession with shoes), home style, baking, books, craft and the list could go on. This here blog is my little space for me to be me. I hope you like it. C xo