Monday, 5 March 2012

Life Update

You sure do know you're alive when you have a sick baby. On Friday night Miss L woke up around 11pm and from there it was down hill.  Saturday was a nightmare. She just couldn't be comforted. She cried literally all. day. By 5pm I'd had enough. She was getting worse. So we made the decision to take her to the emergency department at the Mater. And I'm so glad we did. She had a temperature of 38.8 and a spreading rash. The Doctors called us in straight away. They decided to do some tests. First up a urine test. Oh my. That was interesting. We had to give her sips of gastrolyte every 5 minutes and make her lie on the bed with her nappy off while we sat there waiting to catch her wee in a small plastic container. She did not like that one bit (neither did we). Screamed the majority of the time. The only saviour was watching videos of herself on my smart phone and listening to music. What did parents do before smart phones? After that stressful period was over, she crashed... she lay on her tummy while we pat her back and rubbed her hair. The nurse came in to stick these little plastic whatsies on her hands and arms that were smeared with a numbing cream (in preparation for her needles for the blood test). She lay there so still while the nurse did this. Mr B and I were so proud of her for being so calm... the nurse thought differently. 

Sad bubba at the hospital

She told the Doctor of Miss L's flatness and floppiness and they moved us to acute care straight away where they could monitor her more closely. They were worried. Here they poked and prodded her some more. She was so upset. Afterwards she lay on her tummy and fell asleep for maybe 30 mins. She woke up screaming. We gave her her bottle, which she drank all of and then promptly fell asleep again on Mr B's chest where she lay for a whole hour. She never does this. We knew then that she was really sick. She woke up and they decided to give her a dose of nurofen and xylacaine. First up, nurofen. She took about 1ml and promptly vomited up all over herself and the bed. And screamed. Once they had changed the bed and we had changed her, they gave her the xylacaine. She screamed. But took it. It seemed to coat her mouth. I don't know what it was but she became calm and more herself. She started pointing to the brightly coloured mobiles hanging around the ward and talking in her little language. They were sending us home. The Doctor was happy that she was doing normal things like taking her bottle and sleeping, so they decided not to do a blood test. The urine test came back clear. They told us it was a viral infection and she was going to get more of her rash and more fevers. And all we had to do was keep up the panadol and nurofen. No easy feat when she gets so upset at the mere sight of the syringe/dropper. So they gave us suppositories. Brillo. I have to stick my finger up her bottom. Oh the joys of motherhood. We were home by 10pm. Hot. Tired. Smelling of vomit. But glad to be home. 

Spots all over her arms and hands

And she's still not 100%. Spots cover her tiny little arms and legs and she is just so sad. She's exhausted. I'm exhausted. But I know we just have to ride this out. This too shall pass. (*Edited to add: Mr B has been Dr Googling [which is usually my domain] but he has discovered that she has hand, foot and mouth disease. Why haven't the two Doctors we've seen figured that out, yet Dr Google can tell us that in a matter of minutes? Uggh. Not looking forward to ringing the child care centre tomorrow and telling them that piece of information).

Now, after THAT novel, onto other areas of my life.

Work is still going pretty good... but i'm lonely. I guess I was just so used to being 'part of the furniture' in my old office on the Gold Coast. Being the new girl in the Brisbane office is hard. I sometimes feel like they are freezing me out. I have been trying to chat more with a few of the younger girls in the office, doing the usual things like complimenting them on their outfits etc. But its hard to become part of the 'in' crowd. I've just got to be patient I guess. Its not going to happen over night (but it will happen lol Pantene ad anyone?). 

12WBT is going great guns. I've lost 3.2 kgs and have reached my goal of fitting into my pre-baby black pants. My next goal is to fit in to my skinny jeans... I've started going a bit off track with the eating (due mostly to having a sick baby and me needing chocolate and extra lattes to get through it) but seeing the results so far has empowered me to keep at it. This morning I dug out an old aerobics video (complete with lycra outfits) and jumped around the lounge room while Miss L (mostly) slept. I'm trying to fit in exercise when I can but its proving difficult on the days I work. 

And that's about it for now. I need to go and prepare myself for *another* bad night with Miss L... Hope you are all well.

C xo


  1. Oh dear, what a terrible weekend. Glad to hear little L is on the mend tho. I work in the CDB, if you ever need a fellow blogger to have lunch with just let me know! You can email me at


  2. Thanks Lotus! That is so lovely of you. I am in the Valley so it might be a bit far for a lunch time soiree, but if I'm ever around the CBD I'll be sure to keep you in mind! It would be lovely to meet somebody from the blogging world. C xo

  3. Poor C! Hang in there, love! L xx

  4. Oh just read about poor L. Hope she's better. It is so stressful when they're sick. I totally get the work feeling too, I had the same situation when I went back after my second baby & it took a long time to feel comfortable in a completely new team. You'll get there. x


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