Monday, 28 May 2012

My Week with Leona

Now, I wish I could spend a week with the divine and talented Ms Leona Edmiston, but instead I wore her frocks for a week - setting myself a personal style challenge to wear seven different Leona dresses in seven days. It was seven days of style and glamour and I tweeted about it all week. The response from the Leona Edmiston girls on twitter was so positive and their encouragement ensured I persisted with my challenge. It sure did make getting dressed in the morning very easy!

Here's my stylish week in pictures (back to front - sorry!):

Sunday: Fox wrap dress casual'd down with layers and flats

Saturday: Floral print Pia dress with layers underneath. It was so cold! Note: ugg boots in picture hehe

Friday: The first Leona dress I ever bought! Pretty peacock print & clashing it with my leopard print flats

Thursday: Leona dress underneath a colourful knit - perfect for the office!

Wednesday: Floral print dress. I wore this dress when I was pregnant. So versatile!

Close up of the print on Wednesday's dress

Tuesday: Wrap dress for work. See Miss L watching on from the sidelines!

Monday: Dress with border print, tights and tan flats. Great 'Mum on the Run' outfit

As you can see, I love my Leona dresses. The Ruby range is very affordable - check it out HERE. And the Frocks are to die for - sigh! I think I have at least another 7 Leona dresses to do a second week!!! Obsessed much. They are just so easy to wear and so easy to wash. No ironing is ever required.

I've even inspired another fellow blogger and fashion lover to do the same. Check out Kimba likes on her blog and her twitter @Kimbalikes. She started her seven days of Leona today!

This little personal style challenge just reaffirmed my love for Leona frocks and increased my desire for more dresses to add to my collection. Sorry Mr B!

C xo

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  1. Love the looks! I love my Leona and have been very lucky to have picked up some amazing bargains from the vintage store and opshops and markets.

    I've also been very lucky in that my Gorgeous Girls gave me a gift voucher as a birthday present, plus I've spent my Xmas money exclusively on Leona for a few years!

    I've got wrap dresses, t shirt dresses, a blouse, belts, a skirt, evening dresses, ballet flats, a clutch and sparkly party heels.

    I think I could do a couple of weeks straight too!

    Thanks for the inspiration. X


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