Thursday, 6 September 2012

Team Sport

 Who would have thought that this here little blog about shoes and shopping and family and food would have a heading like 'Team Sport'?

Well readers, it does. Deal with it.

On a side note, I love the whole neon runners trend at the moment.
These are not mine, but I wish they were!
Source: Pinterest
I've joined the work mixed netball team. Not having played in over 10 years didn't stop me. No siree. I was jumping on that social team sport bandwagon like there was no tomorrow!

And what do you know, I actually enjoy it... most of the time... but I'll get to that a bit later.

I typically end up playing WA or WD (as my lovely sister in law puts it - they are the shittiest positions so they put the shittiest players in them. Thanks J!). But occasionally I moonlight as GS. I know! Short little me as GS. I love it. And i'm ok at it if I do say so myself. I think everybody gets a bit put off by my height (or lack thereof) and just let me go for it.

Anyway, back to the enjoying it bizzo. Its SOCIAL netball. Its supposed to be fun, right? WRONG. Some people take it very seriously. They are super competitive and get all yelly at the ref and stuff. Luckily we haven't had too much of that. And then you get people like me who are pretty shit at netball (J said so!) who like to play for funsies, but when you get put up against somebody who is a) good and b) a bitch (like tonight) you get a very ragey Cath. My opposition was just so..... ahhhh! Frustrating! She was sticking her big bum in my face and just being all condescending because I had to ask few questions about the rules to the ref (because I didn't know!). And then she made me mad, and made me be even shittier at netball than normal which made me be offside more often, or contact more often, and accordingly, give away penalties more often. So. Frustrating.

I was thinking while I was playing, how do the pros block out all of the stuff that irritates them? Do they have a secret? I just tried to ignore my bitchy counterpart and play as best I could. All I wanted to do was play good to show her up. It didn't really work. Oh well. We did win though. So that's something!

Do you play team sport? How do you keep your cool in heated situations?

C xo


  1. Love your shoes!!! I play mixed touch football at the moment, I am a winger... mostly just run up and down the sides... But that is an important job ;) I used to play mixed netball and loved it but I know what you mean about the contact, the girls were the worst touching you to try and put you off your game! Where do you play? If you need another shorty WD let me know ;) L xx

    1. Hi L! They are not my shoes :( I really want them though. Pretty runners might make me be better at sport??? We play at an indoor sports centre on Mina Parade in Newmarket :) We are often needing players so I will keep you in mind! C xo

  2. Oh yeah I missed the caption re shoes! Yeah I am keen to fill in if you need, I am useless at anything other than WA WD or C but I try really hard ;) L xx


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